Caroline Post 29


Current Restrictions On Post Activities

BINGO - Bingo nights at the post are cancelled until further notice, due to circumstances beyond our control.  Our Bingo host must attend to urgent personal matters.  Our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.

LOUNGE / DINING / ENTERTAINMENT - Caroline Post 29, American Legion, re-opened on Friday June 19, 2020.  We are open in accordance with guidelines issued by the State of Maryland and the Caroline County Health Department. Guidelines require wearing a face mask when not seated and that patrons observe social distancing. There is no standing at the bar, other than to place an order at the Service Area.  We are able to host dine-in dinners, as well as take out.  Seated dining at the Post has a restriction of no more than six guests at a table with tables six feet apart.   Dining tables are only available in the dining room and Bingo hall areas. The restrictions on live indoor entertainment are still in place. 

RENTALS - We can allow rental of rooms, however there are restrictions on the number of persons allowed in each of the rooms within the Post, and those renting the facilities must observe the restrictions on entertainment and dining.